Color Switch: Challenges

Color Switch: Challenges
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Color Switch: Challenges

Move through matching hues in Color Switch: Challenges! This rainbow-filled skill game dares you to dodge unmatched pieces. If you touch any color other than yours, you lose! Move fast and be smart to win! This addictive arcade adventure offers more levels than ever before. Forget about Endless mode—this game is all about individual challenges! There are only a few obstacles to conquer in each round. If you can reach the finish line safely, you will unlock the next level. Keep changing your color and matching the barriers to advance! Color Switch: Challenges will test your reflexes. Sometimes, you have to jump very quickly to escape a trap. In other levels, you'll need patience to win. The obstacles in each level are different, but the goal remains the same: move up to cross the finish line! Enjoy one of the best mobile games in your browser for free! Color Switch: Challenges will entertain you for hours on end! Have fun!