Medieval Cop 8 DeathWish Part 2

Medieval Cop 8 DeathWish Part 2
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Medieval Cop 8 DeathWish Part 2

Play Game: Medieval Cop 8 - Deathwish Part 2 presents the next installment in this enthralling saga. Dreg's co-workers are under the control of Draziel and they are attempting to commit suicide by jumping into the ocean. Using his dimensional skills Dregg travels to the other dimension in an attempt to save his friends.
In this other world Dregg encounters a variety of traps and puzzles - you must solve each trap to progress with the story and move to the next area. Each puzzle increases in difficulty and you must use your brain to observe the situation and work out how to proceed. Throughout the game there is interesting dialogue and plenty of humor to accompany the gripping and challenging gameplay. Can you defeat Draziel's mind control and help Dregg rescue his friends?. Good luck!